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Reducing downtime has always been the flag Lone Star has flown proudly. The understanding that actual product price, the cost of labor, the loss of revenue and profit because of poor quality tools and parts, the ease and cost of procurement, the accuracy and ease of billing, the accidents and safety issues from poor product quality, all contribute to the real cost of not having the right tools and parts in the right hands when they are needed.


Customers who get that, get us.


That is why 15 years later Lone Star MRO is still growing through salespeople who are local, employees, well paid, and have health insurance, field expense and retirement plans so that our customers get to see the same face at their plant, pipeline station or worksite for years and years. We value the impact our staff has on our company and we return that value so they can take care of their families and responsibilities, while sleeping in their own bed every night.


At Lone Star, we feel that there is a right way to treat people, both the customers we serve and the employees who make us go. We understand that working with customers and Lone Star employees is truly a partnership built on trust that is earned and developed.



Established in 1999 by MRO industry veteran Jeff Nurenberg, Lone Star MRO Supply, Inc. has established itself as a leader in the Southwest serving the O&G, heavy industrial, construction and transportation markets. With over 30 years of experience in sales and distribution, 22 of those years serving just this specific market, Lone Star’s leader continues to steer the company successfully to growth and stability among the giants it competes with.


Lone Star was started on the premise that there was a big opportunity for any company, no matter its size, that could combine the expertise of trained salespeople, a wide product line and a genuine work ethic for its customer’s best interests. Lone Star was built with confidence that many large customers still wanted to do business “the old-fashioned way” – seeing new products demonstrated by a professional, trained salesperson at the work site. A salesperson who had been prepared so that each visit was geared around products and solutions that Lone Star knew existed from those customers they already served. By doing this, Lone Star’s reputation among its customers has become  a “David among Goliaths”, with the small, privately owned corporation consistently winning business from its much larger “big box” competitors who rely on an inside sales staff, catalogs and storefronts to help the customer.

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